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Vesturgata 3b

Working hours:
Sun-Thu: 5pm-11:30pm
Fri-Sat: 5pm-1am

Tapasbarinn has been one of the most popular restaurants with Icelanders for the last 17 years. 

Experience tapas, Icelandic style, made with the freshest local ingredients in an energetic and vibrant atmosphere. 
The menu offers over 50 different meet, fish and vegetable dishes so you can take your time and experiment various flavour combinations.
A must try is the Icelandic gourmet feast which is a great way to taste the best of Icelandic produce in one meal.

Tapasbarinn has the only kitchen in Reykjavík that is open until 23:30 on weekdays and 01:00 on weekends.
The breezy atmosphere and the Spanish effects in the decorations make Tapasbarinn ideal for an enjoyable evening, a true ray of sunshine in downtown Reykjavík. 


Spanish, Icelandic, Tapas, Bar

Dining Options

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